Follow the below steps, 

  1. After purchasing the domain, Go to your "Account Settings" and Click on "Domain Transfer" tab.
  2. Now enter your Owner ID.
  3. Once Owner ID is submitted, our automation system will automatically push the domain within 10 minutes to your Gname account.
  4. Now, Go to and Login into your account and Navigate to Push settings -> Received Push. 
  5. You will now see the Push request has been received and click on Accept under the Action.

    Please accept the transfer within 24 hours to receive the domain. In case, if the domain push is not accepted within 24 hours, it will be canceled. You can again request to re-initiate the domain push by raising a support ticket with us. 

  6. Once you click on Accept, you must enter the OTP received in your email registered with Gname. 
  7. That's it. The domain is successfully transferred to your Gname account.